Going around and around in circles.

This carousel has to end at some point.

Nauseated, you feel your stomach lurch as the world outside your sheltered cocoon begins to wave into a blur.

Up, down. Up, down.  You have to double-grip the handle to keep from falling off.

Vinyl unicorns, melodramatic Shakespearean masks, and a house of mirrors make you want to jump.

But, you think, If I jump, I fall.

If I fall, I may not recover.

If I don’t recover, then what will become of me?

Well, what will become of you if you stay?

Going around and around in circles…


About ebaum252

This blog has no particular topic or theme with the exception of the circus of wonders, dreams, questions, struggles, joys, and perceptions from the depths of my heart and mind. I write to discover and inspire myself, and possibly turn some wheels in my readers' minds. Take what you may from this blog, for that is the beauty in the art of writing.

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